Allegations of inappropriate teacher-student relationships have led to the firing of two teachers from Model High School.

The Floyd County Board of Education met Tuesday night and determined their information warranted the termination of boys head basketball coach Matthew Blanton and assistant basketball coach Daniel Brown.

Blanton was relieved of his duties Monday, and the same action was taken against Brown on Tuesday afternoon.

There is no connection between the termination of two coaches, said Lynn Plunkett, superintendent of the school system.

“We’re going to investigate anything that is a potential issue for our students,” said Plunkett before the school board met. “My responsibility as the superintendent is to protect students under my watch and to not let this kind of thing ever happen.”

The school system notified law enforcement and the state’s Professional Standards Commission, which sets teacher ethics regulations.

The District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Family and Children Services were also notified.

“We have great teachers in this school system who value our students,” said Plunkett in a news release. “We have no place in Floyd County Schools for those who do not share our commitment to the future of the young people we serve.”

Blanton previously coached baseball at Coosa High. He applied for the Model head basketball coaching position in spring 2008 and began teaching at Model High this year. Brown was scheduled to replace Blanton as head coach following Monday’s events.

“Our job is educate and it’s been disturbing this week, with these incidents,” said Model High School Principal Glenn White. “I hope it doesn’t give a bad impression of teachers. Sometimes when one or two people do things it makes the whole group look bad.”

White said a new head basketball coach will be appointed today.

“We want to provide a safe and moral environment for our students,” said Floyd County School Board Chairman Bryan Shealy. “The legal and certification authorities are just beginning their own investigations.”

The school system could not comment further on specifics related the ongoing investigation because of the privacy of the students involved.

Rome News Tribune