The Associated Press reported yesterday that a total of six Hays Prison Employees have lost their jobs over the escape of Michael Tweedel and Johnny Mack Brown in October of last year. According to the report, the names of the employees that have been let go since the escape have not been released to the press by the Department of Corrections. Shortly after the escape of Tweedel and Brown, Prison Warden Dale Herndon was suspended.  Herndon had served as warden at Hays for less than one year.   Last week employees at Hays Prison conducted a “Mock” Prison Escape at the facility in Pennville.  According to State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, who had been told by the Department of Corrections that the exercise would take place, the “Mock” Prison Escape went well.  Reece said that the Department of Corrections praised the employees of the prison for their actions during the exercise.