The Federal Appellate Court is set to hear an appeal in the sentencing of former LaFayette tennis coach Bart Huskey.  According to reports, Huskey’s lawyer is appealing the sentence of the man who was accused of filming sex acts with a child for a period of years and then distributing the disturbing images over the internet. 

Huskey has been sentenced to one 30 year sentence and two 20 year sentences, which according to Huskey’s attorney amounts to a life sentence.  Huskey’s lawyer says that the federal law under which Huskey was sentenced outlines a maximum of 30 years for distribution of child pornogrophy and that state charges will determine Huskey’s punishment for the crimes of child molestation or sexual assault.

Huskey will face prosecution from Walker County on the child abuse and molestation charges according to assistant district attorney Chris Arndt.  Arndt says that his office is actively investigating the case and will file charges soon.