Students entering technical college in Northwest Georgia may see a big change in the near future.  That’s because there is the possibility that the state’s 14 technical colleges could be merged into 7.

In our area, this could mean the merger of Coosa Valley Technical College in Rome with Northwestern Technical College in Rock Spring.  The merger is being discussed because of the budget crunch that the state of Georgia is experiencing.  Interim president of Northwestern, Jeff King told The Walker County Messenger that the merger would not mean the closing of either campus, but that it would mean changes in how the technical colleges manage their resources.

Ron Jackson, commissioner of the Technical College System of Georgia, or TCSG, said $3.5 million could be saved statewide by consolidating.

According to the TCSG, savings at the administrative level will allow the state to maintain faculty in classrooms at both schools during a time of growing enrollment and workforce development needs, while weathering the current economic downturn.

Administrative positions that might be axed under the plan have not been released by TCSG.

The Walker County Messenger