A forty-two-year-old Armuchee woman was jailed last week after she was arrested at her home on Old Summerville Road.  Lakisha Montera Watkins was arrested on aggravated assault charges.

The Coosa Valley News reports:

Lakisha Montera Watkins was arrested after reports said she tried to kill a forty-four-year-old man with a knife at a home on Old Summerville Road.

The victim reported that Watkins got the knife and advanced toward him with it raised above her head as she proceeded to do a slashing motion.

Watkins then told the victim that she was going to kill him while backing him into a corner and refusing to allow him to leave.

While speaking with Watkins, she told officers that the man had raped her.  However, the man had audio and text conversations saved in which Watkins told him that she would tell law enforcement that he had raped her among other things.