Listed as cited or arrested in the past 24 hours according to the docket records of the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Dept.:


Apprincitnce Jarod Richards-22-Summerville-Public Drunkenness


Christina Faye Sharp-18-Lafayette-Driving without valid license, D.U.I.


Haley Ann Studdard-17-Summerville-Underage consumption


Johnathan Lawrence Wright-23-Summerville-Sale of alcoholic beverage to underage consumer


Sammy Victor Hamby-61-Summerville-Driving with suspended/revoked license


Crawford Blair High-42-Menlo-D.U.I., speeding, taillight required, alteration of license plates


Kerri Jean Nelson-46-Summerville-Obstruction of an officer felony, simple battery, disorderly conduct, cruelty to children


Carmelitana Nolasco Ramirez-23-Trion-Removing or affixing license, driving without valid license


Victor Carcamo Amaya-29-Trion-Suspended registration, no insurance


Peggy Elizabeth Bradley-37-Sumerville-Battery


Jessica Lynn Cornelies-18-Summerville-Underage consumption


Manon Rodelle Dupree-26-Summerville-Pedestrian under the ifluence


Steve David Ledbetter-30-Rome-Pending


Erik Lee Mann-37-Summerville-Financial card theft, financial card fraud


Scottie Letell Brown-47-Trion-Weekend sentence


Fabian Ray Burrage-29-Trion-Obstruction of Emergency call for help


Jonathan David Hughes-26-Summerville-Pending


Justin Miles Ledbetter-21-Trion-Aggravated sexual battery, child molestation