Baker, Jason Daniel of Summerville charged with possession and use of drug re-lated objects and VGCSA-Possession of Methamphetamine.

Baker, Lacey Nicole of Summerville charged with BGCSA-Possession of Methamphetamine.

Meadows, Martin Randall of Trion Charges Pending

Pablo-Tomas, William Otoniel of Trion charged with driving without valid license.

Peoples, Jimmy Dewayne of Summerville Charged with DUI/Slcohol/0.08 grams or more 21 YOA or over, Driving with suspended /revoked license, and disorderly conduct.

Pruitt, Pamela Gail of Summerville charges pending

Richardson, Van Alan of Summervilel charges pending

Thomas, Jonathan Kerry of Trion  Weekends, Superior Court Sentenced

Brown, Brandon Lane of Summerville Charged withVGCSA-poss of Schedule IV (Xanax), Drugs to be kept in original, DUI Drugs/less safe, failure to maintain a single lane.

Chavez, Gilmar Fermin Lopez, of Trion Charged with Open container/operatorof vehicle, driving without a valid license

Gonzalez, Vinicio Domingo of Trion charged with driving without a valid license.

McCray, Charles Lee of Summerville Charged with driving with suspended /revoked license.

McGill, Kandice Adair of Summerville Charged with DUI/Drugs, Child endangerment by DUI.

Smith, Edwin Keith of Rome  charged with disorderly conduct.

Williams, John Travis charged with VGCSA-Poss schedule IV Drugs (Xanax), DUI, Drugs, less safe, DUI endangering child under 14 yoa. operation of veh on approach o.

88 inmates are in Chattooga County Jail

15 housed at Floyd County

1 housed a YDC

Total 104 inmates in custody.