Larry Williams, Charged with Superior Court FTA

Erick Wilson, Charged with Burglary / Theft by Deception

Barbara Wilson, Charged with 2 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud

Christopher Ramos, Charged with State Court Probation Violation

Bobby Sumner, Charged with Weekend Sentence

Brice Ware, Held on Pending on Charges

Mary Ware, Charged with 2 Counts of Violation of the Georgia Controled Substance Act

Mark Manion, Charged with DUI / Drugs

Bill Dover, Charged with Driving with Suspended License

Kurt Klein, Charged with Driving on Suspended License

There are currently 98 inmates housed in the Chattooga County Jail with 17 Housed in Floyd County, 1 at the RYDC for a total of 116 Total Inmates in Custody.