Listed as cited or arrested in the past 24 hours according to reports from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Tracy Brown – SPD Probation Violation
  • Anthony Anderson – Suspended License & Speeding
  • Michael Pegg – Superior Court Sentence
  • Tommy McGuire – DUI, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane, Driving Permit Violation
  • Brandon Green – Superior Court Sentence
  • Jerren Goodenough – Superior Court Sentence
  • Joseph Watkins – Superior Court Sentence
  • Nathan Abernathy – Superior Court Sentence
  • Kenneth Wade – SPD Probation Violation
  • William Stephens – Simple Battery Under the Family Violence Act, Criminal Trespass


There are currently 51 inmates in the Chattooga County Jail. There are an additional 22 inmates housed in Floyd County, 1 at the Rome Youth Detention Center and 6 housed in Dade County, for a total of 80 inmates assigned to the custody of the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office.