Jeffery Ray Bridges, age 36 of Summerville, Charged with State Court Probation Violation

Johnny Lee Greene, age 52 of Trion, Charged with Superior Court Probation Violation

Jessica Marie Jent, age 28 of Summerville, Charged with Shoplifting

Nathan Dewayne Noles, age 23 of Summerville, Charged with Child Support

Brian Stewart Ozborn, age 36 of Trion, Charged with Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Dennis Gene Porter, age 51 of Chickamauga, Charged with Child Support, Destructive Removal of Property

Regana Lynn Hayes, age 47 of Summerville, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Johnnie Sue Porter, age 49 of Chickamauga Charged with Destructive Removal of Property

Laura Michelle Rutledge, age 40 of Trion, Charged with 2 counts of Deposit Account Fraud

Jeremy Dewayne Trammell, age 28 of Gainsville, GA , Charged with VGCSA – Possession of Altered Ephedrin, Traffic in Meth, VGCSA – Possession of Meth, Possession of Tools for the Commission of a Crime, VGCSA – Possession of Meth with intent to distribute, VGCSA – Manufacturing Meth