Timothy Chuck Holdbrooks, age 43 of Menlo, Charged with Driving with Suspended or Revoked License

Raleigh Leon Styles, age 47 of Summerville, Charged with Deposit Account Fraud

David Lee Williamson, Jr., age 36 of Summerville, Charged with Contempt of Court for Child Support

Michael Brent West, age 35 of Rockmart, Arrested by Narcotics Unit – No Charges Listed

Michael Tommy Tucker, age 18 of Trion, Charged with Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Reynaldo Reynoso Tomas, age 28 of Summerville, Charged with DUI / Alcohol, Driving without a Valid License, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane

Connie Louise Tidmore, age 32 of Menlo, Charged with Probation Violation

Gil Dallas, age 51 of Summerville, Charged with Public Drunkeness

Jimmy Norriss Fife, age 40 of Summerville, Charged with Superior Court Sentence

Joshua Phillip Key, age 28 of Cloudland, Charged with Simple Battery – FVA

Cynthia Amanda Narmore, age 34 of Trion, Charged with 4 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud