Wendell Lee Elem of Cloudland, Charged with Public Drunk

Evan Tyler Ellis, age 18 of Menlo, Charged with Furnishing, Purchasing or Possession of Alcohol By A Minor

Amilcar Gabriel Simon, of Trion, Charged for driving without a valid license, and stop sign violation

Robert Louis Leming of Trion, Charged with State Court Probation Violation

JD Wallin of Trion, Charged with driving with Suspended or Revoked License, Violation of the Open Container law, Use of License Plate to Misrepresent Vehicle Identity, DUI/Alcohol & Drugs


Terry Wayne Haygood of Summerville, Charged with Failure to Appear in State Court

Michael Delane Smith of Summerville, Charged with Stalking and Criminal Tresspass

Leanard Wayne Smith of Cloudland, Charged with Possession of Methamphetamine

Roy Lovaughn Dover of Summerville, Charged with DUI

Josue Israel Escobar of Trion, Charged with Driving without a Valid License.