Alisa Floyd, Age 26 of Trion, GA:  Simple battery. 

William Stancil, Age 21 of Summerville, GA:  SPD Probation violation. 

Rico Perry, Age 37 of Summerville, GA:  Suspended license. 

Fairon Brown, Age 49 of Summerville, GA:  Suspended license. 

Casey Eden, Age 29 of Lyerly, GA:  Hold for Walton County, GA. 

John Anthony, Age 52 of Summerville, GA:  D.U.I, Driving on suspended license. 

Christopher Deberry, Age 30 of Lyerly, GA:  Criminal trespass. 

Charles Logan III, Age 18 of Summerville, GA:  Criminal trespass.

Dennis Culpepper, Age 49 of Mentone, AL:  Failure to appear in state court.

Nicanor Hernandez, Age 49 of Trion, GA:  D.U.I., Failure to maintain single lane.