Daryl Watts, Charged with Theft by Deception

Melissa Christol, Charged with violation of the Compulsory School Attendance Law

Melody Pierce, Charged with Deposit Account Fraud

Willie Thompson, Charged with 3 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud

Shannon Floyd, Charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts / Harassing Phone Calls

Raleigh Styles, Charged with 2 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud

Ray Caldwell, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Chris Fowler, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Victor Mason, Charged with No License, No Tag, Headlight Requirements

Michael Brown, Charged with Simple Battery FVA

William Emmanuel, Charged with Sex Offender Failure to Register Correctly

Chris Norman, Charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol

There are currently 92 inmates housed at the Chattooga County Jail with 24 housed in Floyd County and 1 at the RYDC for a total of 118 inmates in the custody of the Chattooga County Sheriffs Department.