David Keen, Charged with Superior Court Probation Violation

Kenneth Edgeworth, Pending Charges from the Chattooga County Narcotics Unit

Sara White, Charged with VGCSA

Nan Greeson, Charged with Shoplifting

Charles Thomas, Charged with Driving on Suspended or Revoked License

Jacob Cleveland, Charged with State Court Probation Violation

Jimmy Fife, Charged with Probation Violation

Jill Nichols, Charged with Probation Violation

Gary Knox, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Clifford Wood, Charged with FTA Warrant

Amy Miller, Charged with Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Amelia Marks, Charged with Probation Violation

There are currently 101 inmates housed in the Chattooga County Jail, with 16 housed in Floyd County, 1 housed at the Rome Youth Detention Center and 1 housed at NW Regional for a total of 117 inmates in the custody of the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department.