Tony Dewayne Noles, Charged with Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Roy Lee Pitts, Jr., Charged with State Court Sentence Weekends

George Michael Hammond, Charged with Driving With Suspended or Revoked License

Nicanor B. Hernandez, Charged with Public Drunkeness

Demterius C. Lackey, Charged with City Court Failure to Appear

Clifford E. Bryant, Charged with Hold for Court

Anthony E. Hamby, Charged with DUI / Alcohol, Laying Drag, Simple Battery, Pedestrian Under Influence

Charles Jay McGuire, Hold for Court

Eddie Shane Mitchell, Charged with Suspended Registration, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License, No Insurance, Defective Equipment

Jamie Lynn Moore, Charged with Open Container, Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane