Robert Nathan Wofford – D.U.I/Drugs/Less Safe, Drugs to be kept in original container

Gabriel Luisa Reynoso – Driving without headlights, driving without valid license

Isirdo Mendez Reynoso – Driving without valid license, brake lights and turn signals

kenneth Eugene Scott – D.U.I/Alcohol, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz, open container operator of vehicle

Hilario Pedro Suarez Trejo – Public Drunkenness

Jason Gene Wells – Deposit Account Fraud

Wayne Thomas Blackmon Jr. – Disorderly Conduct

Samuel Lanier Cordle – D.U.I Alcohol

Charity Shvon Dallas – Possession/Use of drug related objects, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

James Boyd Hall Jr. – D.U.I Alcohol

Michael Chadwick Lau – D.U.I Alcohol/Less Safe, Open Container/Operator of Vehicle

William Allen Stephens – Driving wtih Suspended / Revoked License, Possession of Methamphetamine, possession/use of drug related objects, sale of methamphetamine

Maurice Tamara Mitchell – D.U.I Alcohol, Driving in violation of restricted permit, stop sign violation, littering highway, fleeing or attemptint to elude police officer, expired tag, turning position signals required, failure to maintain single lane.

Charles Darrell Patterson – Failure to Maintain single lane, no insurance, D.U.I Alcohol

David Wayne Phipps – Open Container/Operator of Vehicle, Speeding, D.U.I Alcohol/less Safe

Fernando Lamon Powell – Disorderly Conduct

Andres Reymundo Bernabe – Driving Without Valid License, D.U.I Alcohol

Brandon Leon Duke – D.U.I Alcohol, Possession of Hydrocodone, Open Container operator of vehicle

Mark Alexander Hampton – Possession of Marijuana less than 1 oz., Possession/use of drug related objects

William Lance McGill – Open Container/Operator of Vehicle, Possession of Hydrocodone