Dustin Jonle Cochran of Trion, Charged with Pedestrian under the Influence

Amy Denise Crabtree of Summerville, Charged with Seatbelt Requirement, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License

Maruice Tamara Mitchell of Rome, Charged with DUI / Alcohol, Driving Violation of Restricted Permit, Stop Sign Violation, Littering Highway, Fleeing or Attempting to Ellude, Expired Tag, Turning Position Signals Required, Failure to Maintain Single Lane

Gabriel Luisa Reynoso of Trion, Charged with Driving without Headlights, Driving without Valid License

Isidro Mendez Reynoso of Trion, Charged with Driving Without a Valid License, Brake lights and Turn Signals

Jimmy Norris Fife of Summerville, Charged with DUI / Alcohol, Driving without a Valid License

Donna Carole Harrison of Trion, Charged with Cruelty to Children, Obstruction of an Officer, Battery FVA, Disorderly Conduct

Glenn Stanford Nix of Summerville, Superior Court Sentence

Jason Scott Rogers of Summerville, Charged with Disordelry Conduct