John Daymon Davis of Summerville, Charged with a Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Melissa Susan Milam of Lyerly, Charged with Superior Court Probation Violation, 2 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud

James Reed Touchstone of Summerville, Charged with Sexual Battery

James Dewayne Townsend of Rome, Held for Floyd County and Superior Court Probation Violation

Melanie Elizabeth Bearden of Trion, Charged with Furnishing to, Possesion of or Purchasing alcohol by/for a minor

Cynthia Dianne Dover of Summerville, Charged with Child Restraint Violation, Driving without a Valid License and No Tag on Vehicle

William Calvin Martin of Summerville, Hold for Catoosa County

Angel Christina Ragan of Lyerly, Charged with Disorderly Conduct