Dusty Allen Blackmon of Summerville, Charged with 2 Counts of Party to the Crime of Forgery First Degree, 2 Counts of Party to Crime Identity Theft, Party to Crime of Theft By Conversion of Auto and one count of Burglary.

Katrina Michelle Brown of Summerville, Charged with 7 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud, Hold for Walker County, Possession of Drug Related Objects and Possession of Marijuana

Donald Michael Coley of Trion, Hold for Funeral

Laura Paige Everett of Summerville, Order of Incarceration

Cynthia Shea Hughes of Centre, AL, Charged with Forgery in the First Degree 2 Counts, Theft by Conversion of Motor Vehicle, Identity Theft 2 Counts, Burglary

Candas Ann Morgan of Gaylesville, AL, Charged with Probation Violation and Failure to Appear

Betty Jean Parker of Summerville , Hold for Walker County

Pati Michele Ware of Summerville, Probation Violation

Aaron Michael Alexander of Summerville, DUI / Alcohol, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane and Suspended License

Elizabeth Marie Gilreath of East Ridge, TN, Charged with Possession of Marijuana

Melissa Ann Gilreath of Summerville, Charged with Possession of Marijuana

Zachery Lee Eugene Lively of Summerville, Charged with Possession of Marijuana

Betty Jean Parker of Summerville, Charged with 5 Counts of Deposit Account Fraud