Arrest Report October 22nd

Clifford Earl Flowers Michigan, charges pending

Rhonda Marlene Gaylor Summerville Charges pending

Danny Wade Green Summerville Charges pending

Kody Rian Jacome Summerville Charges pending

Anthony Leterrance Johnson Summerville Charges pending

Richard Eugene Milstead Summerville Charges pending

Victoria Dawn Pettett Summerville Superior Probation violation orig. poss of meth and drug related objects

Christopher Robert Pierce Summerville charges pending

Kimberly Renee Pierce Summerville Charged with Compulsory school attendance law

William Lee Wyatt Chickamauga charged with state court failure to appear org. charge no insurance

Kathy diane Richardson Trion charges pending

Joseph David Robinson Summerville charges pending

Anthony Todd Russell Trion charges pending

Justin Treyll Silmon Summerville charges pending

Horace Earnest Sneed Homeless criminal trespass and theft by taking

Dnte Laneal Stewart Summerville charges pending

John Howard Trammell Summerville charges pending

Christopher James Wade Trion Theft by conversion

Christopher Thomas Warren Summerville charges pending

Nicholas Paul Starnes Trion Deposit account fraud

Margaret Joanne  Arnold  Summerville charges pending

Spencer Cane Ayers Trion Charges pending

Courtney Marie Chamblee Summerville Charges pending

Patrick Lebron Evans Summerville Charges pending