Jason Eugene Brown, age 26 of Summerville, Charged with Weekend Superior Court Sentence

Anthony Wayne Cannon, age 19 of Lyerly, Charged with DUI / Drugs, Failure to Maintain a Single Lane and Failure to Dim Lights

Timohty Carl McWhorter, age 56 of LaFayette, Charged with DUI and Failure to Maintain a Single Lane

Tommy Lee Prince, age 23 of Trion, Charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Battery, Cruelty to Children – 3rd Degree, Wearing a Mask to Conceal Identity

Tina Snyder, age 35 of Trion, Charged with Obstruction of an Officer

Larry Gwyne Williams, age 55 of Lyerly, Charged with State Court Sentence

Altaro Robinson, age 48 of Summerville, Charged with DUI / Alcohol