William Culberson Bryant III, Summerville charged with required position and methods of turning at intersections, driving with suspended/revoked license, no proof of insurance, suspended registration.

Regana Lynn Hayes , Summerville Charged with superior court sentence, 4 months Chattooga County Jail. 

Tiffany Nicole Hines, Trion charged with DUI/Alcohol/0.08 grams or more 21 yoa or over, failure to maintain a single lane, failure to dim lights, driving with suspended/revoked license.

Hoyt Murrele Marks Summerville, charged with Parole violation orig rape.

Coy Randall Womack Trion charged withDisorderly Conduct

Kevin John Cunningham Decator, charged with Driving with suspended /revoked license, no insurance, removing or affixing license, taillight required.

Joy Elizabeth West Summerville Charged with deposit account fraud…