Timothy Adams, 17 – Underage Consumption

Chester Blackmon, 43 – Disorderly Conduct, Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana, Parole Hold

Dianna Lynn Campbell, 37 – Possession of Meth, Sale of Meth, Sale of Meth within 1000 feet of a recreation center

Zack Christopher, 20 – DUI under 21, Driving too fast for conditions

Raymond Phillip Cundiff, 48 – Simple Assault under the Family Violence Act

Jeremy Paul Dzon, 44 – Simple Battery, Public Drunkenness

Cortez Freeman, 37 – DUI (Alcohol), Expired tag, Open Container Violation, Obstruction or Hindering Officers, Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License, Operating a sound making device audible over 100 feet from a vehicle, Hold for Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

Andy Hines, 39 – Public Drunkenness

John William Jones, 51 – Possession of Meth, Parole Violation

Randall Scott Jones, 30 – Superior Court Sentence

Justin Silmon, 17 – Underage Consumption

Christopher Lee Byars, 23 – Open Container Violation, DUI (Alcohol)

Charles Glenn Clanton, 53 – DUI (Drugs)

Miguel A Gomez, 40 – Speeding, Suspended Registration, Unlicensed New Resident

Kenneth Eugene Sellers, 30 – Public Drunkenness

Mark Anthony Underwood, 54 – Disorderly Conduct

Russell Ray Webb, 46 – DUI (Alcohol)