Assistant Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections Brian Owens will be speaking with AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio on Friday.

Assistant Commissioner Owens told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio today (Thursday) that the Department realizes that they have done a poor job communicating with the public about the escaped inmates from Hays State Prison.

The Assistant Commissioner serves as the Commissioner’s appointed deputy, functioning as second in command of the department. The Assistant Commissioner assumes responsibility for the overall administration and operation of the agency in the Commissioner’s absence or as directed by the Commissioner.

If you have specific questions you would like to have answered, you can e-mail them to and we will do our best to get answers for you when we speak with Mr. Owens on Friday. 

We will have Assistant Commissioner Owens coments on the Noon news on Friday and the complete interview at 12:45 PM following the Trading Post program on AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio.