An Atlanta man has been sentenced to probation and jail-time after being convicted of attempting to get contraband inside Hays State Prison in Chattooga County.

Christopher Martez Cammick was arrested back on March 25th of this year after security staff at Hays State Prison caught him trying to throw the contraband over the fence of the prison.  According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Cammick tried to throw three bundles, wrapped in clear plastic wrap.  Cammick was apprehended and turned over to Chattooga County Sheriff’s Deputies.

In March, Cammick was charged with giving liquor, drugs, weapons or phones without the consent of the warden, crossing guard lines with alcohol and use of communication facility while committing a felony.

Cammick was recently sentenced in Chattooga County Superior Court under the First Offender Act.  He was sentenced to ten years of probation and must pay a $1, 050 fine.  He also must serve 90 days in the county jail.  Additionally, Cammick can have no contact with Hays State Prison or any other correction facility.