Democratic Candidate for Chattooga County Sheriff, Aubrey "Smitty" Smith has told AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News that he is a Georgia resident, but that he does maintain a part time residence at a farm in Alabama.

Smith spoke with AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News Wednesday, June 25th, about questions regarding his residence in Chattooga County.  Smith stated that he moved to the area in 1975, and that he has spent time working for Camelot Farms just across the state line from Menlo. As part of the job, he has a house provided for him there, but Smith stated that his personal home is in Chattooga County and he has been a resident again since 2003.  Smith went on to say that anyone with any questions about the issue could speak with Probate Judge Jon Payne, Chattooga County Elections Superintendent, who received all the paperwork at his office when Smith qualified for the upcoming Democratic Primary.

You can hear candidate Smith in his own words on AM1180 Chattooga County Radio Thursday morning during the 7 AM and 8 AM newscasts.