The Floyd County Courthouse is slated to be in the movies in the coming months and the producers of a film called “Help Wanted” are looking for Rome’s best black actors and actresses to help.

Auditions for parts in the film for adults 21 and older are being held Sunday at the Kelsey-Aycock-Burrell Center on Washington Drive from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

According to Howard Ferguson, who has been helping director and producer Jamie Brown find a location for the film shoot, said Brown decided to shoot their courtroom scenes in downtown Rome because the courthouse will be available for use.

“We had some problems trying to get a courtroom in Fulton County,” he said. “And most of the film is shot, so we were just looking for the courtroom.”

Ferguson said filming is likely to be on Saturday, March 28, but the filmmakers were waiting for final confirmation.

“We can do most of what we need in one day,” Ferguson said.

Brown said he “wants people to look like they’re regular everyday working people,” for the courtroom scene he’s filming.

He described “Help Wanted” as “a smart comedy about two friends who grew up together who open up an unemployment agency in the hood.”