The American Bald Eagle is the national symbol of the United States, but this proud majestic bird has had a struggle to survive over the past 100 years.  Thanks to protection and conservation efforts the American Bald Eagle is once again re-gaining it’s prominent place in American wildlife.

Laura Mosher from Cloudland caught this Bald Eagle at her residence at Cloudland on Lookout Mountain on Thursday.

The American Bald Eagle has been protected since the early 1900’s and was removed from the endangered species list several years ago, because conservation efforts in renewing the Bald Eagle population have been successful.

A little known fact about the term "bald" in Bald Eagle – in old English the term "bald" meant "white head"….whichi is how the "Bald" Eagle got it’s name from the early colonist in America.  The American Bald Eagle is native to only North America.