Authorities in Cherokee County Alabama are warning about a scam some area residents are receiving in the mail informing them they have won a lottery. The letter then states there is a tax, filing fee or a fee to take care of the paperwork to have the funds released to the party that has won the lottery. A check comes in the letter and the person is instructed to cash the check and foreword the money so the process will begin. If the person deposits the check and sends the money, the check will come back as No Account Found. The public should beware this is a scam and the monies go out of the country and it is virtually impossible to trace or recover any monies or to prosecute anyone. The FBI reports they answer hundreds of questions monthly about these types of cases. No one should send any money to any one before a check clears the bank, and send money to someone only if you are sure where and to whom you are sending it.