State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, (D-Menlo) has introduced legislation in the Georgia House of Representatives that would create an election board in Chattooga County.  The board would oversee all county elections and would consist of 3 members. 

The bill says that the Chattooga County Republican Party and the Chattooga County Democratic Party would submit five names to the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury would then select one person from each list to sit on the election board.  Those two members would then choose a third member to serve.  If the two members selected by the local political parties are not able to agree on the third member, that member would be selected by the presiding judge of the Chattooga County Superior Court.

The bill is supported by current Probate Judge Jon Payne and after the election in 2008, both local political parties indicated that they would support the creation of an election board in Chattooga County.