Last week Oakwood Baptist Church hosted a community blood drive for one of its members, Walker County sheriff Steve Wilson, and more than 200 people turned out to donate.

Wilson, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in October, hoped the event would encourage others to donate blood in honor of cancer patients, who frequently require blood transfusions.

Wilson’s request to call out volunteers to donate blood to help those in need resulted in 179 units donated at the blood drive, where 30 additional donations were collected at various Blood Assurance locations in honor of Wilson, bringing the total number of units to 209 donations.

“It was a complete success and I am just thrilled at the number of people who responded. We collected 209 units and I understand that is a remarkable number for a blood drive,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, the blood drive collected more than half of what is needed in the greater Chattanooga area on a daily basis.

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