Rome police are looking for a man who stole more than $1,600 at gunpoint from the Bojangles on Turner McCall Boulevard, reports stated.

According to Rome police reports:

An employee told police she showed up to open Bojangles early Wednesday and a man armed with a handgun jumped from the bushes and demanded she opened the door.

Once inside, he had her open the safe, took out $1,634 and then told her to give her all the phones in the store, including her cell phone.

Police reported the suspect left behind several hundred dollars, then took off with all the phones and left the woman lying on the floor face down.

Reports stated that the video system did not provide police with any evidence because he stood in the camera’s blind spots.

The suspect was described as a black male with a slender build and approximately 5-foot-7 and wearing a green camouflage jacket and a black watch cap covering his head and face.

There were no suspects in custody at the time of the report.