The defense for a LaFayette man accused of killing a man over a bottle of liquor rested its case Wednesday morning without calling a witness. The case is now in the hands of a five-man, seven-woman jury.  The case is being heard in Walker County Superior Court by Judge Kristina Cook Graham.

Mark White is on trial in Walker County Superior Court in LaFayette for killing William “Lil Bill” Dillard in July 2009. Police say they argued over a bottle of vodka before the killing.

Public defender David Dunn, in his closing arguments, said White acted in in self-defense, both from personal injury and robbery.

Dunn displayed the names of a dozen people who encountered the defendant and victim on the day Dillard was killed. He placed question marks by the names of seven people whom, he said, the prosecution chose not to call to the witness stand. Dunn spoke to jurors for more than an hour, while district attorney Herbert "Buzz" Franklin took about 45 minutes.

The jury sent a question to the judge at 3 p.m. “We would like to have a better understanding between malice murder and felony murder,” the jury foreman said. Judge Kristina Cook Graham read the two definitions for malice murder and felony murder again.

“When in the commission of a felony offense, with or without malice, there must be a direct connection between the felony and the murder,” she told the jury.  Deliberations will continue today in Walker County.


Information from The Walker County Messenger