A 16-year-old Fort Payne boy has lost a foot after being hit by a train in Fort Payne on Thursday afternoon of last week.

Justin Stephens tried to jump onto the moving train and slipped, according to Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree, who is also the boy’s great-uncle. He said that, after Stephens fell, the train ran over the boy’s left foot, severing it instantly.

The incident happened around 3:45 p.m. at the tracks near 112 22nd Street SE. Ogletree said that Chuck Hester, a Fort Payne mail carrier out delivering his route, was the first to find the injured boy. Ogletree said Hester used a belt as a tourniquet on Stephens, a move that possibly saved the Stephens’ life.

Stephens was flown by helicopter to UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

Ogletree said surgeons there performed surgery on Stephens on Thursday evening, but weren’t able to reattach the boy’s foot thus having to amputate Stephens’ left foot, just below the calf.

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