A break-in occurring earlier this week at the Hammondville Police Department and Town Hall resulted in the theft of weapons, ammunition and beer, along with the police chief’s Bear Bryant pocketknife.

Hammondville Police Chief Jimmy Phillips said the break-in occurred sometime between 9:00am Sunday and 6:00am Monday.

Phillips said the burglars had gained access through an unlocked roll-up door, located at the rear of the building – he added that the door is normally locked, however, it appeared that the suspects were able to simply open it up and get inside.

A number of items, mostly confiscated contraband being held for evidence,  were taken including a .45 caliber handgun, a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition, flashlights, radios, radio equipment and confiscated beer.

Phillips said a Bear Bryant collector’s pocketknife, given to him as a gift, was taken from his personal desk. The matter has been turned over to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department, for further investigation.