Chattooga County Commissioner Mike Dawson held a public hearing on the proposed 2009 Budget for the county.  Attending the meeting were Commissioner Dawson, Martha Tucker,  Commissioner-Elect Jason Winters, County Tax Commissioner Kathy Van Pelt Brown, County Assessor Leonard Barrett, Betty Brady, Boyce Dooley and Lewis Strange, along with Jason Espy of The Summerville News and Jimmy Holbrook with AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio.

Mr. Dawson took questions from those in attendence about the proposed budget for 2009.  Questions were raised about upkeep on Tate Road and the overall condition of roads in Chattooga County. A show of hands was asked for regarding the condition of roads in Chattooga County, nearly all those in attendance felt that roads are kept in an adequate condition throughout the county.  In response to a question raised about Mustang Drive, Commissioner Dawson stated that the paving of the road would not be completed until water lines are run in the area.

 Also questions were raised about the county continuing to pay suspended State Court Judge Carlton Vines.  Commissioner Dawson responded by saying that the county was under a court order to continue to pay Judge Vines, and until that court order is lifted the county is obliged to continue to pay Mr. Vines.

The adoption of the budget for 2009 will be held on December 29th at the Commissioners Office.