The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary that was reported late last week on Spring Creek Road in Trion. 

According to an incident report that was released on Tuesday, deputies responded to a call at 1115 Spring Creek Road and spoke with Mr. James Brand about the incident.  Mr. Brand told the responding deputy that someone had stolen his TV, his X-box, an X-box 360 and a car battery.  The television and gaming equipment were inside the residence, and the battery was on the front steps.

Mr. Brand told the deputy that everything was there when he had left two days before he reported the incident, but when he returned he found the front door of the residence open and discovered that the items had been stolen.

Mr. Brand identified a possible suspect to the deputy saying that he has had a problem with the suspect in the past stealing things.

The incident was turned over to an investigator.