Some cities have them but few want them…Adult entertainment is often frowned upon by local governments.  Calhoun is taking steps to regulate such establishments even though they have none in their town.  The city council is modelling their ordinance after laws in other Georgia towns to try to get a jump start just in case any adult enterntainment establishments should wish to open in the Gordon County Seat.  City Council members are telling the community that they can not prohibit adult entertainment, but they can put strict regulations in place that would discourage the possibility of an adult entertainment establishment in Calhoun.

During a review of the draft ordinance at the Calhoun City Council at Monday’s council meeting, Police Chief Garry Moss said cities that have adult entertainment businesses often see increases in crime, especially fights, drug sales and prostitution. Those conditions often lead to vacant properties surrounding the adult businesses, Moss said.  The ordinance also proposes a $750 license fee, but Hammond said he felt the fee should be doubled.

A public hearing on the Adult Entertainment Ordinance will be held during the Dec. 8 City Council meeting.