The turmoil surrounding the Cedar Bluff Municipal Election is apparently not over.

After Etowah County Circuit Judge William H. Rhea III ruled that the Category One Absentee Ballots in the election be disallowed, and that Billie Burkhalter and Lenora McWhorter be declared as winners in their respective Town Council races in Districts 1 and 2, and further that the Town would hold a run-off election for the Mayoral Position between Ethel Sprouse and Jimmy Wallace  Evan Smith filed an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court seeking to overturn that ruling.

On Wednesday of this week, Attorney Shane Givens, on behalf of the plantiffs  Jimmy Wallace, Lenora McWhorter, and Billie Burkhalter  filed a motion with the Supreme Court of Alabama, asking for the High Court to remand that case back to the Cherokee County Circuit Court for full adjudication of Plaintiffs’s/Appealees Claims.

If the Supreme Court grants that Motion to Remand, the case would then come back to Judge Rheas Court for complete adjudication of all claims involving the Category Two ballots as to what might prevent them from being counted.

This, in essence means that those who cast the absentee ballots could be called to testify about their ballots to confirm their vote, and that they actually signed the ballot that was cast in their names.

The next move is left up to the Supreme Court of Alabama.