The Town of Cedar Bluff, now officially, has a new Mayor – Ethel Sprouse was sworn-in during Monday night’s Town Council Meeting.

Although Sprouse had received the most votes in the Cedar Bluff Mayoral contest, during the Municipal Election on August 26th last year (2008), she failed to gather enough votes to win outright – apparently setting up a run-off, to be held between she and second place finisher, Steve Lay.

Word came shortly thereafter that Jimmy Wallace, who had came in third in the race filed a lawsuit, claiming that there was a problem, with some of the Absentee Ballots – prior to the suit being heard, Steve Lay unexpectedly passed away.

Lay’s unfortunate passing, served to further confuse the issue, of just who should then be in a run-off race for the post of Mayor.

After more than a year of various legal wrangling – and varying opinions – an opinion by State Attorney General Troy King’s Office was issued declaring Sprouse to be the winner without a run-off.

A run-off for three Cedar Bluff Town Council Seats – in Districts 1, 3 and 4 – has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th.