A Cedartown police officer and his brother have been released on bail from the Polk County Jail after their early-morning arrests, but both face charges.

Cpl. Eddie Jimenez, 33, of 596 Dry Creek Road, Cedartown, is charged with battery under the Family Violence Act, cruelty to children and discharging a firearm under the influence. He was released on $1,500 bail and his own recognizance at the request of Judge Whitehead, according the jail docket book.

Martin Julian Jimenez, 34, of 602 Dry Creek Road, Cedartown is charged with batter under FVA. He was released on $500 bail and his own recognizance.

Both were arrested around 5:05 a.m. after Polk County police received a domestic disturbance call. Both men were arrested by the Polk County police and it is county police who are conducting the criminal investigation, according to Cedartown Police Department Assistant Chief Jamie Newsome.

Newsome said Jimenez was a school resource officer. He is still employed with the police department for now.

"Currently, as it stands right now, he’s on adminstrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation, which I’ve called an outside agency to conduct," Newsome said, adding that he is sticking to protocal on the matter.

"I want the citizens to feel comfortable about the intregity of the investigation," he said.