Commissioner Jason Winters faced questions from Chattooga County residents on a variety of topics at last night’s Commissioners meeting held at the courthouse annex.  Topics raised by local citizens ranged from drainage tiles and roadwork to new bunks that were purchased for the Chattooga County Jail. Commissioner Winters addressed concerns about the 911 Cell Phone fee.  Winters told those in attendance that without the additional revenue from the Cell Phone Tax the county would be faced with a budget shortfall which could have resulted in raised property taxes.  Winters said that with the additional revenue from the tax on cell phones, the county hopes to keep property tax levels at the current rate.  Winters explained that the cell phone tax spreads the tax base out over a larger portion of residents than property taxes alone. Winters also faced several questions about the Chattooga County Jail.   Winters stated that the bunks that were purchased by the Sheriff’s Department were not bid out because they were purchased under an emergency situation; those bunks cost the county $9,961.73.  Winters explained that the bunks must meet certain standards such as the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  He said that any future purchases of bunks would be bid out. A resident also asked the commissioner if the county was abiding by a federal court order regarding the Chattooga County Jail.  Winters stated that the county was not, and has not for some time been able to abide by that court order.  The commissioner did not go into any detail about any plans for a solution to the jail population, but did say that the county as a community needed to “have a conversation about the jail situation.” You can hear the complete county commissioner’s meeting here on AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio, Friday afternoon at 12:45 PM and then again on Saturday at 10:15 A.M. and Sunday afternoon at 5:30 PM.   You can also view the meeting on SKY21 Television next Wednesday evening at 7 PM. AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio will have more from the commissioner’s meeting in upcoming newscasts.