AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio told you about the decision of Chattooga High School Prinicipal Jimmy Lenderman to remove two pages from the year book that was handed out earlier this week.  The decision had some area parents upset, and attracted the attention of the Chattanooga media.  WRCB Channel 3 News was in the area earlier this week doing a story on the yearbook story and the Chattanooga Times-Free Press featured an article on the CHS yearbook.

Dr. Alan Perry, the retired journalism teacher from CHS that had overseen the project told the Chattanooga newspaper "I’m very disappointed with the decision to mutilate a wonderful yearbook — a decision that was completely unnecessary…..There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about the pages that were cut from the book.”

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio contacted CHS Prinicipal Jimmy Lenderman for a statement regarding the yearbook but never received a statement from the prinicipal.  AM 1180 viewed the pages that had been censored from the yearbook and contacted the high school for an explanation.

To view the story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press and see the pictures deleted from the CHS yearbook click this link: