While most 5th-6th graders spent their weekends playing video games or watching television, 34 Chattooga County Cloverleaf 4-H’ers traveled to Georgia Highlands College in Rome, Georgia to participate in District Project Achievement on January 28, 2012.  524 5th and 6th graders competed from 13 Northwest Georgia counties.4-H’ers selected from 64 project areas for their demonstration. Each student was required to present a five minute speech as well as produce posters and other visual aids to help them better explain their demonstrations.  Each demonstration was observed by a panel of judges who have had experience in the field, as well as other spectators. After completing their demonstrations 4-H’ers were scored based off of their presentation skills, visual aids, knowledge of the subject and several other factors. In their downtime students were able to visit the carnival which included line dancing, limbo contest, ring tosses and door prizes.   After all the demonstrations were completed and the judge’s scores were tallied everyone gathered for the closing assembly where the winners were announced with ribbons being presented for first through third places. Chattooga County 4-H’ers placing 1st were:  Abby Hosmer in the Between Meal Snacks Project, Kaleigh Glenn in the Communications Project, Hamp Thomas in Freshwater Fish and Shellfish Project, Marti Green in the Horse Project, Audrey Meacham in the Kitchen Fun Project, Jesse Blalock in the Photography Project, Kaitlyn Conner in the Safety Project, and Annie Morgan McGraw in the Target Sports Project. Chattooga County 4-H’ers placing 2nd were:  Logan Money in the Entomology project, Jackson Lowenbery in the Fruits, Vegetable and Nuts Project, Andrew Soule in the Outdoor Survival Skills Project, Kelsie Pense in Performing Arts General project, Kaitlin Minard in the Performing Arts Vocal Project, and Kaitlyn Montgomery in the Rabbits Project Area.Chattooga County 4-H’ers placing 3rd were: Graci Murdock in the Dog Care & Training Project, Mikayla Jackson in the History Project, Cam Anderson in the Horse Project, and Brooke Applebalm in the Sports Project.Also competing were: Logan Townsend in the Archeology Project, Josie Blalock in the Arts Project, Jayden Blackwell in the Crafts Project, Morgan Nieperhuth in the Dog Care and Training Project, Emily Pierce in the Food for Family Project, Kimbren Dowdy in the Health Project, Michael Smith in the History Project, Brennon Whitlock in the Outdoor Recreation Project, Kendra Conner and Reagan Broome both in the Performing Arts Instrumental Project, Melissa Hunter in the Photography Project, Cody Maynard and Parker Railey both in the Sports Project, Taylor Ozment in the Target Sports Project, Jorja Cooper in the Veterinary Science Project and Taeshawn Freeman in the Wildlife Project.  These 4-H’ers were chosen to represent Chattooga County after participating in County Project Achievement (CPA) that was held during the November 4-H Club Meetings. These 4-H’ers placed 1st on the county level in order to move onto the district level to compete. This year, we had over 300 CPA projects in Chattooga County. Anyone at the event can attest that 4-H has evolved from its agricultural roots and is way more than corn and cattle. With demonstrations being presented on an array of topics from Crafts, Veterinary Science, Workforce Preparation, History, Computers, Photography, Wildlife and Performing Arts performances, just to name a few. 4-H has truly developed into a program that has something to offer for everyone. These 4-H’ers spend months researching and practicing their projects. We would like to congratulate all of our 4-H’ers on their hard work. District Project Achievement is one of the biggest events put on by Georgia 4-H with 524 young people competing this weekend alone. Through District Project Achievement Georgia 4-H is helping youth battle one of the biggest fears plaguing American’s public speaking. 4-H Project Achievement teaches youth public speaking and communication skills while they develop skills in researching, assembling, and presenting information. This program provides opportunities for 4-H members to develop qualities of integrity, sportsmanship, cooperation, poise, self-confidence, and leadership. 4-H’ers may begin participating in 4-H Project Achievement at the age of 9 and continue until the 12th grade.