The Chattooga County Board of Education met in their regular monthly meeting Monday night. Certificates were presented to BOE members who were recently recognized for successfully completing board member training activities sponsored by Georgia School Boards Associaton. Several invoices were approved that were associated with remodling and addition projects to CHS, Summerville Middle School and Menlo Elementary. Also, the board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation for Reduction in Annual Work Schedule Days for certified employees. Teachers  took Monday, August 3rd and will take October 12th and 13th as furlough days due to budget cuts handed down by the Governor earlier this month. County Office Personnel will be taking three furlough days before December 2009 as well. Also, it was discussed by the Board and Superintendent Pullen that the Crossroads Academy, that is currently housed at the former Pennville School, be moved to the Chattooga High School campus. This would be an effort to save money. Superintendent Pullen and Board Members made mention that they would like to further discuss this issue and hear from the County Attorney before making any decisions regarding the relocation. Superintendent Pullen felt that the move, if formally decided upon, would be best made at the beginning of  the 2010-2011 school year. There are many factors that would play into such a move and no decision was reached concerning Crossroads Monday night.