The Chattooga County Board of Education recognized the Teachers of the Year for their individual schools at Monday night’s work session meeting. The following outstanding educators were recognized for their efforts: Mark Pickle from Menlo, Bonida Scott from Lyerly, Rosemary Dixon from Summerville Middle, Karen Echols from Summerville Elementary, Jeff Owings from Chattooga High, and Mrs. Lucy Lee from Leroy Massey Elementary. Mrs. Lee has been bestowed the honor of being chosen the Chattooga County Teacher of the Year and was recognized for her achievement along with the other nominees.

In other business, the Board heard an informational update from Chattooga High School principal, Morgan Nugent, about the Night School program that is in the works with Northwestern and Coosa Valley Technical Schools. Mr. Nugent explained that negotiations are still being made and details are still being worked out, but the school is very close to possibly being able to begin the Night School program at CHS starting in January. Mr. Nugent stated that, "we are trying to meet the needs of the community." The program would be for adult learners who have graduated from high school or who have received their GED. The program would offer certification in Welding, both mig and arc, Auto Mechanics and Certified Nursing Assistant. Each program needs to have at least 15 people enrolled before the technical schools will provide an instructor. Mr. Nugent explained that there are already 15 or more signed up for some of the programs. There are currently 34 people enrolled in the adult education GED program and the school hopes that some of those learners will participate in the Night School program. Mr. Nugent ended his update by saying that,"if parents are able to come to school their kids will be more encouraged to come to school and it’s a win, win situation for everyone."

The Board will hold their regular meeting next Moday night at 7pm. The public is invited to attend.