Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters announced the award of several road paving projects approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Local Assistance Road Program for 2011. LARP is a program of the Georgia DOT for providing assistance to counties and cities in resurfacing local roads. The program is a collaborative effort by city, county and state. The DOT District State Aid Coordinator reviews and rates roads and streets submitted by counties and cities and those streets and segments of streets meeting DOT criteria for resurfacing are approved. A total of 6.97 miles of resurfacing have been awarded to the county and the following municipalities. The work is expected to be completed by Summer 2011.

Chattooga County

Back Berryton Road : 1.42 miles

Beginning Point : Fish Hatchery Road

Ending Point : Raccoon Creek Bridge

Haywood Valley Road : 4.96 miles

Beginning Point : 3.28 miles north of Ebenezer Church

Ending Point : East Armuchee Road

Town of Lyerly

Foster Street : .02 miles

Beginning Point : East of Highway 114

Ending Point : Highway 114

Tennessee Avenue : .04 miles

Beginning Point : Church St.

Ending Point : North of Oak Hill Road

City of Menlo

10th Avenue : .09 miles

Beginning Point : Edison Street

Ending Point : Bell Street

City of Summerville

East First Street: .08 miles

Beginning Point : Gin Street

Ending Point : U.S. 27

South Congress Street : .36 miles

Beginning Point : Walnut Avenue

Ending Point : Old Hix Street.

All questions concerning this project may be presented to the Chattooga County Commissioner’s Office at 706-857-0700.