Chattooga County EMS Director Herbert Dodd told AM 1180 on Wednesday that Emergency Medical Service workers were going door to door in downtown Summerville yesterday offering free blood pressure testing.

Dodd said that Chattooga County ranks near the top of the state in cardiovascular disease and that the county EMS was doing the blood pressure tests as a way to raise awareness of the issue. 

Dodd related a story about a Chattooga County resident that left Trade Day feeling ill, telling friends he was going home to lie down.  Instead of going home the man stopped by the Chattooga County Ambulance Service and had his blood pressure checked.  The decision saved the man’s life.  Dodd said that he was stabilized and taken to the hospital in Rome, where the doctors told him that the decision to get his blood pressure checked saved his life.

Chattooga County EMS Director Herbert Dodd will be on our Newsmakers Interview program next week to talk about cardiovascular disease, and the risks in Chattooga County.  Stay tuned for broadcast times.