Chattooga High School will host Homecoming ceremonies tomorrow night beginning at 7pm on the football field. Candiates are pictured above. Freshman princess candidates include from left to right: Tiffany McGraw, Stephanie Depalmo and Savannah Bice. Sophomore Candidates include from left to right: Cierra Jachimiak, Tamia Williams and Hayden Hughes. Junior candidates from left to right include: Morgan Stull, Lacie Lea, and Kristian Mobbs. Senior candidates include front row: Melissa Johnson, Taylor Beech, Katie Johnson, and Katlan Bullard. Second row: Jazzmine Grinis, Celsea Colbert, Katie Price, Contessa Moore, Erin Brown, and Erin Maples.

The Indians will take on the North Murray Mountaineers. Kickoff is at 7:30pm.